National Legislation

  1. Protection of Human Rights Act, India, 1993
  2. Act No. 39 of 1983, Illegal Migrants (Determination by Tribunals) Act, 1983
  3. Passport Act, India, 1967
  4. Ministry of Foreign Affairs Notification. Foreigner’s Order, 1948. Order under the Foreigner's Act 1946
  5. Foreigner’s Act, India 1946
  6. Registration of Foreigner’s Act, India, 1939
  7. The Passport (Entry into India) Act, India, 1920
  8. Indian Penal Code, 1860. Act No. 45 of 1860

Case Law

  1. The Sarbananda Sonowal v. Union of India (2005) 5 Supreme Court Cases 665 (Aliens; Aggression; Illegal Migrants; Powers of State).
  2. Anand Swaroop Verma v. Union of India (2002) (VI AD (DELHI) 1025 CRL. No. 746/2002 8.8.2002).
  3. National Human Rights Commission v. State of Arunachal Pradesh and Another, 1996, SCC (1) 742 (Right to Life and Liberty) Article 21 of the Constitution of India.
  4. The State of Arunachal Pradesh v. Khudiram Chakmas, 1994, Supp. (1) SCC 615 (Citizenship of Chakma Refugees).
  5. Dr. Malvika Karlekar v. Union of India (Criminal Writ Petition No. 583 of 1992) (Right of asylum seekers to approach UNHCR).
  6. Saifullah Bajwa v. Union of India (Delhi HC – Pakistani Mehdis) - W.P.(CRL) 1470/2008.(Access to UNHCR procedures).
  7. State v. Ranjeet Singh (Delhi sessions court)- Sessions Case Number: 61 of 2013. Unique Case ID Number:02401R0224952011 - 28.10.2013. (Rape of a refugee woman, conviction of Indian national and compensation ordered).
  8. Namgyal Dolkar v. MEA (Delhi High Court)-22 December 2010 -W.P.(C) 12179. (Citizenship of Tibetans born in India).
  9. Tenzin Cheophag Ling Rinpoche v. Union of India (Karnataka High Court) - 7 August 2013 - No. 15437/2013.(Citizenship of Tibetans born in India).



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